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SR Beach Soccer Rules


• All teams must complete the entire registration form and waiver to play before their first game. Please arrive 30 minutes before your game to complete registration. Teams arriving late and failing to complete their forms may be deducted points and the captain will be forced to spend two months on an island alone with Lady Gaga.

• A team may NOT pick up players from another team competing in the same division – they will forfeit that game. However, they may pick up players from other eligible divisions, but may not exceed the roster limit. Rosters are frozen by playoffs, or when 3/5ths of the games are completed. Roster limit for Beach Soccer is 10. There is no waistline limit.


• Soccer Resort must sometimes arbitrate in unforeseen circumstances and scenarios. Soccer Resort will strive to find a fair solution, but all Soccer Resort tournament manager decisions are final. Soccer Resort is the decider-in-chief. Teams that disagree will be given some nice new shorts to eat, and sent all expenses paid to Soccer Resort Siberia.


• Unless specified otherwise, all games are 30 mins. 4 players plus a goalkeeper are allowed on the field. Coed will have 3 men and 2 women; you can have more women, but not more men. There is no offside. Cleats, shoes and shin-guards are NOT PERMITTED (sand socks are allowed). There is no slide-tackling in the tournament. Persistent slide tackling leads to a yellow card.  All re-starts are DIRECT kicks, except when the ball crosses the side-line which results in a THROW-IN (throw-ins must touch another player before a goal can be scored). Unlimited subs on the fly - BUT players must depart the field on or close to the halfway line, please no trickery on substitutions.


• 3 points are awarded for a win, one for a tie and none for a loss. Positions will be decided by points, head to head, goals difference, goals scored in that order. If all is level, a 3-penalty shootout, followed by sudden death penalties will decide positions. As part of our sportsmanship focus, a seven goal “mercy rule” is in effect for all divisions.  Play resumes, but a team can only better their opponent by six goals.


• During the semi-final or final, if scores are tied at the end of regulation, a five minute “golden goal” period shall be played. If scores remain tied, a three-penalty shootout, followed by sudden death penalties will decide the winner. If a team loses on penalties, we can send you to a good monastery, or rehab clinic where you can fully recover mentally.


• Two yellow cards in the same game – player is ejected for remainder of that game. A red card results in suspension from the next game. Anyone who engages in serious violent conduct will receive a white card, resulting in probable ejection from the tournament grounds (hit the road jack, and don’t ya come back). Tournament organizers reserve the right to bar players engaging in serious misconduct from all remaining games in the tournament and their team may also be penalized points, or expelled from the tournament. Plus, we’ll all think the offending player is *completely* cuckoo.


• If a team plays a player who has been suspended due to a red card, the team may be deducted the points of that game and be ejected from the tournament. Under no circumstances will spectating players from either team enter the field while the game is underway. No alcohol will be brought onto the fields or spectators area. Teams must be dressed and ready to play at their allotted time. If they are not they will forfeit and a score of 0-2 will be recorded against them.


The Goalkeeper's Restart- The goalkeeper's re-start is awarded when one player of the attacking team plays or deflects the ball over the end line (same as a goal-kick). The goalie shall restart play with either their hands or feet. The ball can travel over half, but the goalkeeper cannot score a goal this way. In such case the other goalkeeper shall re-start the play. The goalie can never score a goal using their hands; the ball must touch another player before a goal is scored. Goalies cannot use their hands on a pass back. Keepers may only swear at the referee in Ancient Latin (it sounds respectful).


• In the event of playoffs, should a team decide to drop out of the tournament after the final group game, we reserve the right to promote the team in the next place to the playoff position of the team that withdrew. ENJOY your tournament and a day at the beach!